•Waffle Bites Bite size waffles tossed in cinnamon sugar & served
with strawberry compote & cream cheese whipped cream $4.99
Pancake Waffle Taco sausage, candy’d bacon, eggs, and
maple heat sauce $3.75
Tuesday-Only Taco Special sausage, candy’d bacon, cheese, eggs, and
maple heat sauce $2/each
Friday-Only French Toast Special Granola encrusted french toast sticks with
powdered sugar and our very favorite whipped topping with a delicious apple compote $5.99


•Superchef Diced candy’d bacon, spinach, roasted red peppers,
caramelized onions. house made sausage and cheese. $11.99
•Extreme Veggie Omelet with spinach, roasted red peppers, caramelized
onions, stuffed with sauteed zucchini, squash, & blended cheese. $8.99
•Protein Chicken apple sausage, candy’d turkey bacon, egg whites, cheese $12.99
•Smoked Salmon & Cheese Omelet Filled with a roasted red pepper
sauce and hash browns. $11.99


•Banana Pudding Granola Encrusted French Toast
cream Arglaise and caramel on plate. Granola encrusted french toast with
whipped topping & sliced banana in between french toast. $10.00
•Stuffed Granola Classic granola encrusted french toast with cream
cheese whip, fresh strawberries, blueberries, and bananas. $10.99


•Wings & Waffles Waffles topped w/5 maple heat sauce tossed wings. $12.99
•Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cinnamon Toast Crunch encrusted waffles,
cream cheese whip, caramel, strawberry garnish. $10.99
•Bourbon Makers Mark® infused caramel & candy’d pecans, with a
strawberry garnish. $10.99
•Juggernaut Red waffle sandwich w/ fried chicken, candy’d bacon, over
an egg fried hard, american & pepperjack cheese topped w/ honey drizzle & a side of
maple heat syrup $12.99


•Sub Zero Blueberry pancakes w/lemon marscapone sauce between layers. $11.99
•Reese’s Cup Reese’s cup peanut butter whipped cream between layers. $10.99
•Scorpion Super Scriddle Candy’d bacon, house made sausage in a supercake
topped with a folded egg. $12.99


•Eggs Benedict 2 over-easy eggs on top of house made sausage, on a
deep-fried cheese grit cake topped with mornay, & a side of mixed greens
with honey mustard $10.99
•Breakfast Platter A platter for the big appetite: 3 eggs, hash browns, buttered toast, & your choice of candy’d bacon or sausage. $9.99
•Tofu Scramble Pan seared tofu, w/sauteed roasted red peppers, caramelized
onions, spinach. Finished w/ sweet chili glaze. $12.99
•Candy’d Bacon, Egg, & Cheese Sandwich Candy’d bacon, egg, & cheese,
topped w/ refreshing mixed greens on a brioche bun, w/honey mustard. $9.50
•Avocado Toast Whole wheat bread, marinated tomatoes, lemon pepper,
candy’d bacon (optional), arugula, radish, honey, and stone ground mustard
topped with an over-easy egg. $10.99
•Chefs Steak & Eggs Sous vide filet mignon, 2 eggs in the style of your choice, served on a bed of hash browns with chimichurri on the side. MKT PRICE
•Shrimp & Grits Four cheese grits with fried lemon pepper shrimp. Finished and
topped with chimichurri and sweet red pepper relish. $14.99


Bacon, sausage, veggie sandwich, served on a brioche bun $9.50
Chicken apple sausage sandwich, served on a brioche bun 10.50


Choice of 1 pancake, french toast, or waffle, & choice of egg & bacon, or sausage. $8.00



•Southern Egg Rolls Mac & cheese, house made greens, fried chicken, sweet
potato sauce. $9.99


Served with brussel sprouts. Can substitute fries or fruit for $1.

•Spiderman 8 oz beef patty, candy’d bacon, caramelized onions, guacamole,
pepper relish. $13.99
•Superman 8 oz beef patty topped with a hot crab spread & pulled pork with a
sweet & sour sauce. $11.99
•Flash Truffle Fried Chicken, braised pineapples, red onion, pepperjack, micro
cilantro, smoked mustard BBQ sauce. $10.99


•Keystone City Burger Truffle fried cauliflower, braised pineapples, red onion,
micro cilantro, smoked mustard BBQ sauce. $14.00


•Hulk Arugula, greens, strawberries, quinoa, 5-minute egg, roasted carrots, red
onion, candy’d pecans, feta cheese, balsamic vinegarette. $11.99
•Green Lantern Greens, 5-minute egg, marinated tomatoes, red onions, candy’d
bacon, feta cheese, avocado, honey mustard, BBQ ranch dressing. $11.99


COMBO: 1/2 QUESADILLA + 1/2 SALAD $12.50
(Flat bread quesadillas)

•Wolverine Garlic sauteed shrimp, blended cheese & spinach, clawing through
alfredo sauce. HALF $7.99 FULL $10.99
•Aquaman Smoked salmon, hot crab spread, blended cheese, spinach & shrimp
swimming through mango chutney. HALF $8.99 FULL $11.99


Pizzas are 12 inch

•Bacon Jam Pizza caramelized onions, bacon jam, mornay sauce, spinach,
Havarti cheese. $12.99

•Veggie Pizza caramelized onions, red sauce, spinach, red peppers, roasted squash, zucchini. $12.99


•Wings bone in wings tossed in housemade maple heat sauce 5-$5.99 10-$10.99
•Chicken Tenders 3-5 truffle oil marinated tenders deep fried in seasoned flour,
served with fries $10.99


All kids meals are served with fries (substitute fruit for $1)
•Chicken Tenders 3 chicken tenders, served with ranch,
honey mustard, or bbq sauce. $6.99
•Cheeseburger $8.00
•Grilled Cheese $5.99

Drinks and Sides


•Hot Tea
•Coffee (2 refills)
•Milk (Choc or Reg)

•Apple Juice
•Orange Juice
•Pepsi Products

•Unsweetened Tea
•Ask about our 20+ flavors of tea & lemonade
– $4.50 each, no refills.


•Fries $2.00
•Hash Browns $2.25
•Fruit Cup $2.50
•Single Plain Pancake $3.00

•Eggs $2.75
•House made sausage $2.75
•Grits $2.00
•Chicken apple sausage $3.75

•Candy’d bacon $2.75
•Candy’d turkey bacon $3.75